What is the Seeker?

Seeker is an insert car and it can be used like any camera car. Seeker is not a stunt vehicle.

What can we do with the Seeker?

Any driving shots are perfect for the Seeker. You can also use the Seeker like you would a camera dolly, but outside.  Seeker is also a smart option for shooting VFX plates.

Why shoot Seeker?

Simplicity. If you've ever used a traditional insert car, you know what a hassle it is. Seeker is sleek, affordable, and fast.

What camera can I use?

You can use any film or HD camera. The Scorpio Stabilized remote head is rated for 100lbs of camera, mag, and lens.

Will the shots be stable?

The Scorpio Stabilized head makes smooth shots possible even when the Seeker is flying down the road. Check out the stability test to see for yourself on the Scorpio Specs page.

How many people can ride?

The Seeker sits 4 comfortably, but 5 can squeeze in uncomfortably. The typical configuration is driver and AC in the front seat, then camera operator and director or VFX director in the back.

What about lens height?

Don't worry. Seeker can do street scrapers all the way to eye-height on an SUV. Changing lens height is a breeze.

Where does the camera mount?

In front of the Seeker to chase or in back to lead. The film plane is about 36 inches from the front of rear bumper, so either configuration offers more than enough room for profile shots(and beyond).

How long does it take to go from front mount to back?

About 10 minutes.

How can the camera operator control the camera?

The Scorpio Stabilized remote head can be operated through standard hand wheels, joysticks, or even panbar.



There is a 9 inch in the back and a 6 inch in the front for the focus puller. They come with the car. Both monitors have focus peaking, false color, waveform, and vector scopes.

What about remote focus?

Preston 3 is available for focus, iris, and zoom(zoom can alternatively be controlled through the joystick).

We want our picture car driver to talk "hands-free" with our director, DP, and Seeker driver! What about that?

No problem. Telex wireless hands-free headsets are available so you can communicate from car to car.

Playback options?

Samurai HD playback is available that records every take in ProRes so producers or client/agency can see all the footage right away before it hits the lab/DIT.

How fast can it go?

Seeker can do highway speeds of 70+ mph.

Ok, I want to use the Seeker. Besides the car, what are my other costs?

Scorpio Stabilzed remote head, tech, and driver. That's it. Remote focus, wireless headsets, and playback are a la carte.